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We focus on the board game Go, which originates from East Asia! In our online store we offer Go boards, Go stones and Go boxes in a large selection as well as selected Go sets at discounted prices. In addition, we offer a very extensive selection of German and English Go literature.

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Speed Baduk, Bd. 04
16,50 EUR
Speed-Baduk-Solution Booklets, Volume 4-6
6,00 EUR
Speed Baduk, Bd. 06
16,50 EUR
Aji's Abenteuer. Von einem, der auszog Go-Meister zu werden
17,90 EUR
Speed Baduk in Set, Volume 04-06 + Solution Booklet
RRP 55,50 EUR
Only 49,95 EUR
Speed Baduk, Bd. 05
16,50 EUR